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Intro to Tennis

Our adult beginner program for all those adults brand new to tennis or trying to come back to the game after a period away. Get a crash course in tennis technique before you start to play.

Our classes...

Get a great workout while you play tennis. A fast-paced with feeding drills and play situations to promote fitness and endurance. 

Picks up the pace with a combination of drills and point play. Get ready to hit a lot of tennis balls. (Co-ed classes)

A combination of fast feeds, singles and doubles drills.(Co-ed classes)

A combination of fast feeds, singles and doubles drills.

Match play...


Singles play that consists of players level 3.5 & up.

Wednesdays 9-10:30pm

The GCITA is the Greater Cincinnati Indoor Tennis Association that consists of twelve clubs throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. It is Cincinnati’s premier adult tennis league. All the clubs combine to offer competitive adult indoor tennis league for all levels.

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